Leading the way through sustainability.

We make an active contribution to supporting the renewable energy sector as effectively as possible. Our focus is on the operation of photovoltaic and biogas plants. We focus on regions in Germany as well as in Spain and Italy. Within the framework of certified energy management, we ensure the conscious and careful use of resources. Our processes are efficient and provide the respective investors with a high level of transparency regarding their projects.

"Bioenergy is an important pillar of future energy supply. It can be stored, used flexibly and is base-load capable. Crucial to its economic success is the use of state-of-the-art technological equipment."

Our expert for bioenergy within UDI has already held a number of executive positions in the financial management of top international companies such as Siemens VDO Chassis Electronics, Magna Cosma Europe as well as BEFESA. Goehringer is also President of BEFESA Industrial Environmental Solutions and on the advisory board of HASEC Elektronik GmbH and Steinbeis Mergers & Acqusitions. Rainer Goehringer’s areas of expertise include the design and implementation of bioenergy projects incorporating state-of-the-art technology and with the targeted application of innovative processes. The strategic focus is on the compatibility of ecological, economic and social interests.

Rainer Goehringer

Biogas Energy Expert
Director Project and Asset Management Energy
UDI Group
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Our mission: a
successful energy transition.

A good 48 percent of the electricity generated in Germany in 2022 will come from renewable energies. With increasing digitization and e-mobility, the demand for electricity is growing. At the same time, Germany aims to halve CO2 emissions by 2030 compared with 2010. It is therefore part of our social responsibility to use our know-how to ensure that renewable energies are further expanded quickly.

New potentials through
Repowering of plants.

The Green Energy Unit of WEALTH COLLECT Holding would like to strategically expand its portfolio and, in particular, offer plants that are currently not performing well an economic perspective for the future. An effective way is, for example, the modernization and further development of biogas plants. Our teams take care of permanent monitoring and ongoing analysis of development opportunities.

Areas of expertise

  • Solar energy

    PV systems with a capacity of 41 gigawatts (GW) were connected to the grid in Europe in 2022. This represents a growth of 47 percent compared to the previous record year of 2021, bringing the total installed PV capacity in Europe to just under 209 GW. Solar power generation will grow faster than other technologies in the coming years. It is now cheaper than electricity from coal or gas-fired power plants. As solutions for secure power supply with volatile generating technologies such as photovoltaics become more sophisticated, their integrability into existing systems will also continue to improve.

  • Bioenergy

    Compared to wind, hydro and solar energy, the production of bioenergy in the form of methane gas is significantly more complex, as mechanical, chemical and biological processes must interact here. At the end of 2022, the EU institutions reached an agreement on the RePowerEU package. Among other things, the maximum approval period for new plants is to be reduced from twelve to nine months. This legal framework could also drive the expansion of bioenergy plants.

"Before the construction of a large solar plant, there is the project development. Planning, constructing and bringing these to completion is a matter close to my heart. Being a part of the great energy transition, doing my part and seeing our projects come to fruition makes me proud."

Torsten Schnurrer

Project development
valuteo Project Engineering GmbH

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