Ecology, economy and social responsibility under one roof.

Our business activities in the area of Real Estate focus on sustainable residential real estate and energy-efficient refurbishment. We currently operate all our activities from Place 4 GreenHome GmbH, which pools our expertise in this area. We pursue economic, ecological and environmental objectives in both portfolio development and real estate leasing as well as development and new construction projects.

Multi-family buildings: targeted adaptation to current efficiency standards.

We develop existing buildings in a meaningful way. The goal is socio-economic as well as ecological added value. This includes affordable utility costs as well as environmental benefits. By complying with KfW standards, we can reduce ancillary energy costs by up to 50 percent with the help of government subsidies. To this end, we purchase apartment buildings.

When it comes to energy-efficient refurbishment of multi-family homes and real estate leasing, we focus on the Central Franconia, Rhine-Main and Rhine-Ruhr regions. Our approach: Through energy-efficient refurbishment, we increase the quality of living and reduce ancillary costs. Our strategy is as ecologically sustainable as it is socially responsible: We want residents to be able to keep their homes and continue to pay for them.

Development projects: the art of aligning interests and uses.

In selected cases, we assume responsibility for development projects – especially in an urban planning context. In order to cope with the high complexity and multitude of stakeholders involved, we work closely with proven network partners. Our integrative approach to sustainable urban development combines the following qualities:

  • Ecological benefits

    Through efficient infrastructure, densification and a mix of different types of use such as living and working, we ensure short distances and thus make a long-term contribution to conserving resources.

  • Economic competence

    We maintain partnerships at eye level, formulate clear goals and offer transparency about opportunities and risks. We achieve high energy efficiency through the use of innovative technology.

  • Social perspectives

    We create modern housing options for different population groups and enable individual living concepts. In doing so, we see real estate both as spaces for togetherness and for personal development.

Do you have questions about our Real Estate Business Unit? We will be happy to help you!

Nachhaltiges Bürogebäude mit Glasfront und grünen Bäumen

Sustainable real estate retirement for secure future prospects.

We use the classic approach of real estate annuitization of single-family homes and combine it with the fact that we include in the concept an energetic refurbishment of the property in order to reduce the ancillary energy costs. In this way, the residents benefit twice – more financial freedom and better quality of living. The scope of the measures is individually agreed and contractually stipulated. The previous owners and residents receive an annuity for the transfer of their ownership shares and a lifelong right of residence. The pension payment is made monthly and is secured.

What drives us: social responsibility.

We want to ensure that people can live in their own homes in old age, even if their pensions run out. We are also closing a gap in the social safety net and at the same time making a major contribution to climate protection. All in all, we are creating a 3-fold “win-win-win situation”: for the owners and their currently exploding ancillary costs, for the environment and climate, and for society.

The WEALTH COLLECT Group offers solutions for the demographic development with more and more elderly people owning real estate and the need for energetic refurbishment. Many seniors are only wealthy on paper – but their pension is not enough for a carefree retirement, the fulfillment of a long-awaited wish or financial security for a possible nursing case. There are certainly not enough financial resources to fundamentally renovate the property in terms of energy and to adapt it to contemporary standards.

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