Our most important asset: expertise
and experience

Our Private Equity Unit sees itself as a growth engine for our partners. Our core competencies include a strong analytical capability, the identification of potential and the optimization and professionalization of processes. In this way we strengthen the market position of the respective company. The relationship with our portfolio companies is characterized by dialogue at eye level. On the way to new stages of development, we support them not only with capital but also with specialized financial and industry expertise.

We are at home in the German SME sector.

We speak the language of SMEs. One of our focal points is the acquisition of established, successful companies (SMEs) in the context of corporate succession. The goal of our investments is the sustainable development of the companies. As specialists for business development, we actively support our partners in increasing the market value. In particular, we focus on the exploitation of strategic, financial and operational development potential. In this way, we create improvements for companies, for the people who work there, and subsequently for society as well.

Markus Gurlitt im Wealth Collect Büro in Frankfurt

High yields through high demands.

We work at a special level in terms of digitalization, professionalization and innovative strength. Through close operational support and active management of the shareholders, we achieve fast, efficient and sustainable changes. Our investments are not term-dependent. The sale of the company after a certain holding period is not mandatory for us, but merely one of many options that we weigh responsibly and with foresight.

Areas of expertise

  • Strategy development

  • Market positioning

  • Financing

  • Organizational Design

  • Human Resources Development

  • Process optimization

  • Digitization

  • ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)

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Our goals

  1. Increase in capital
  2. Increasing profitability
  3. Optimization of operational processes through active consulting
  4. Speed of processes through well-rehearsed acquisition team
  5. Optimization through synergies in the overall portfolio
  6. Increase in efficiency

More Business Units

  • Services

  • Real Estate

    Nachhaltiges Bürogebäude mit Glasfront und grünen Bäumen
  • Green Energy

    Solaranlage der Wealth Collect Holding bei gutem Wetter

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