The advantage of a group of companies: bundled specialist knowledge.

WEALTH COLLECT Holding unites under its umbrella a number of successful subsidiaries, each of which has extensive expertise and many years of experience in very specific investment areas.

Intelligent investment opportunities with sustainable prospects.

An investment in the business areas and companies of WEALTH COLLECT Holding is an investment in growth companies and successful concepts. In this context, the selection of different business models with various product categories, business areas, regions and customer groups enables a broad and balanced portfolio.

In every investment decision, we are guided by the following questions:

  • Is there growth potential for the company that we can consistently tap?
  • Does the company fit into our portfolio, i.e. do we have the relevant expertise and market understanding – and can we exploit synergy effects?
  • Is there development potential? Can we significantly increase the company’s efficiency through digitization, operations management and organizational optimization, for example?

Markus Gurlitt

Managing Director WCH-Gruppe

"Values and sustainability, in harmony and connection with economic and ecological goals, are attributes that stand for our success. Investors and partners must fit together, the common understanding of this is important to us, we therefore always strive for long-term partnerships. The path to success is always a joint one!"

Good reasons for a good investment.

We have summarized the four main arguments why an investment in the WEALTH COLLECT Holding group of companies is particularly interesting for you here. We would be happy to present further relevant aspects to you at a personal meeting.

  • Extensive portfolio

    Our broad portfolio extends across various product categories, business areas, regions and customer groups.

  • Growth & Profitability

    Our strategies focus on above-average growth with high profitability.

  • Attractive markets with potential

    The companies of WEALTH COLLECT Holding operate exclusively in attractive markets with future prospects.

  • Network with innovative power

    Our competitive advantage is based on access to cross-divisional expertise that helps us gain a decisive market edge.

Stefan Falk

Managing Director valuteo Group

"Success in sales and life does not always go to the strongest or fastest; sooner or later, those who believe in themselves, who live by clear principles and values, win. Sales always has a responsibility to investors, I take this very seriously."

Get involved as an investor

If we can answer these questions positively, we create all the conditions for companies to grow faster than the market. At the same time we always focus on high profitability in the interests of our investors.

In all four business units – Private Equity, Green Energy, Real Estate and Services – it is possible to make investments and participate as an investor. We would be pleased to provide you with detailed information. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

You can easily request a callback using the form on the right. We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable date together.

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