valuteo Group, Nuremberg, 22.03.2023

Since the beginning of the year, the valuteo group consists of three companies, each of which represents competence and value creation in the three phases along the value chain of solar plants: In valuteo Project Engineering GmbH the development of new solar projects, in valuteo Values GmbH the construction of solar energy plants with the involvement of investors, and in valuteo Performance Service GmbH the commercial and technical support of the plants.

Stefan Falk, Managing Director of the valuteo Group, explains: “By integrating the entire value chain within the Group, we want to achieve efficiency in all phases and ensure longevity and high quality of the plants for investors.”

The electricity generated in the plants is sold on the electricity exchange as part of direct marketing. In this process, the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) guarantees a minimum remuneration should the exchange price fall below the remuneration level of the EEG. Conversely, the plants benefit from high revenues due to rising electricity prices on the exchange.

The valuteo group has recently successfully participated in tenders of the Federal Network Agency and received awards for the construction of new rooftop plants. The expansion of renewable energies is urgently needed. The share of renewable energies in electricity is to increase to 80% by 2030. At around 200 terawatt hours, the annual solar power generated is to quadruple compared to 2022. Climate neutrality is to be achieved by 2045. According to the Federal Network Agency, the share of electricity generated from renewable energies in consumption in Germany was 48.3 % in 2022 – a significant increase over the previous year’s 42.7 %.

Falk explains: “So we need much higher rates of increase than recently. Even if an addition of 7.2 gigawatts of solar energy was achieved last year, according to calculations by the Agora Energiewende think tank, 11 gigawatts must be achieved in each of 2023 and 2024, and as much as 20-22 gigawatts of growth per year from 2025 onwards.

The valuteo group is active in the development, realization, marketing and management of photovoltaic plants. At valuteo Values GmbH, PV plants, comparable to condominiums of an apartment building, are divided up, sold as a long-term investment and subsequently commercially and technically managed. Through increasing digitalization of the processes and automated handling, the valuteo group increases the profitability of the plants.

valuteo Group

valuteo Values GmbH
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Stefan Falk, Managing Director

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